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Giant Dice

Giant Dice On Sale Now

Giant dice are on sale now at Dark Elf Dice. We have an awesome selection of giant RPG dice so you can roll large at your next role playing game. There are many colors to choose from in some of our most popular RPG patterns, including: Oblivion, Otherworld, Translucent and Toxic.

When we say giant, we mean giant! These polyhedral sets are huge when compared to standard, 16mm dice sets. Ranging in size from 28mm upwards to 55mm, giant RPG dice look fantastic. The large size helps to show color and detail in incredible fashion, and the numbers are super-easy to read. Dark Elf Dice stocks giant dice from Crystal Caste and Koplow. 7-piece sets include all the usual suspects: d4, d6, d8, d10, d%, d12 and d20.